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Lemon risoni toddler winner 🍋

Updated: Jun 20

🍋 My toddlers absolutely loved this easy one-pan chicken and risoni lemon dish - and it was a success for me too! 👶✨

Struggling with mealtime stress? I see you, more than you know. It’s a battle between feeding your children AND early before that 5:30pm mark hits and they are like “mum, that’s it I’m tired”!! And your nothing but frantic trying to cook, serve and clean up a mess load that was the day!

This dish here not only can be made in 20 minutes BUT the prep for it will take 15 mins or less. It’s a win, win! And you have very happy little bellies that have been nourished with all the things from, vegetables, protein, stock to boost the immune and it’s made with love and not rushed chaos!!

My 4 year old loved it and had seconds, which getting pasta into him has been tricky. I feel like changing up meals is a good thing for children because the same thing I feel they become uninterested. And as always if you can get your kids involved in the cooking, I feel it makes a huge difference to them at dinner time. They’ve not only helped but learnt what’s in it and become curious with the new foods they have been introduced to.

Here’s to feeling calm right before bedtime!!

easy toddler dinner recipe

What you’ll need

🍋 1 juice lemon

🍋 handful fresh parsley chopped

🍋 1/2 cup risoni

🍋 1 large carrot diced

🍋 3 celery chopped small

🍋 1 brown onion diced

🍋 1 garlic clove diced

🍋 tbsp tomato paste

🍋1/2 cup meatstock or a store bought

🍋 200g chicken thigh cut into pieces

🍋 1/4-1/2 cup pecorino grated

🍋 2 tbsp olive oil or ghee

🍋 handful fresh basil 1/2 for the dish and rest to serve.


  1. Heat your pan with olive oil before adding in your onion & garlic. Sautee for a few minutes.

  2. Next add your vegetables, sauté for another couple minutes.

  3. Add in your chicken thigh and cook on a medium heat, stirring a few times before placing lid on to cook for 5 minutes.

  4. Then I added in my risoni, lemon juice, stock, parsley and basil (1/2) and tomato paste. Cook with lid on medium heat to start bubbling, then bring down to low heat lid on.

  5. After 5 minutes add your pecorino, stir and place lid on to cook for another 5 minutes or so.

  6. By now your pasta should be good and your chicken.

  7. Enjoy straight away!

Now this recipe will feed a family of four! OR just for the kids you will have leftovers as I feel it serves 4-5 people. Leftovers are always a good thing for us especially during the week.

I hope your children love it as much as my children did.

Happy cooking


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