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Quick and easy gut friendly pancakes

this was a totally accident. When I went into my kitchen to prepare for a breakfast feast I had the intention of making a high protein meal (eggs, steak etc) but to my surprise I used the last few eggs making my lemon curd the night before. Soo.. plan B!

Gut seal pancakes with a caramelised banana and activated walnuts it was!! Still fueling my family’s body with good nutritional ingredients supporting gut health and not stabilising blood sugar.

“Why I Love Using Gut Seal 🌱 this produce focuses on supporting our gut health, whilst providing prebiotics that feed our good bacteria. Our microbes within our gut require fuel to grow, multiply and thrive. This product is a great addition to add in for supporting your gut health because it nurture, soothes and supports beneficial bacteria. I like to teach my children about the important of gut health ~ sharing that our gut is like a garden, and it matters what we feed it. I like to use this metaphor to explain it to them, in order for us to thrive we must have clean water, good quality whole foods, rest, sunshine, nature etc so our microbes can thrive 🐛 🪴

My mission as a mother is supporting my children’s overall well-being, especially their gut health. WHY? Because it’s the foundation of all health. Since becoming a mama, creating recipes that nourish and heal my family’s bodies has become so important to me.

So, I whipped up these quick, nourishing, and gut-friendly Buckwheat Chai Pancakes with minimal ingredients. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free—a win for supporting the body! I always focus on foods that lower inflammation, not stress it out. 💖🌰🍌

For this recipe I added in

1 cup buckwheat flour

1/2 cup gut seal mix

1 tsp baking powder

3 tsp chai powder I used @maydetea

2 cups almond milk

1 tbsp ghee

~ everything added into a thermomix/blender for a quick mix. Heat your pan add in some ghee and cook away! I made them large this morning and oh so filling. 🥞🍌

A quick and easy recipe that honestly your whole family will love and can be whipped up in minutes. This is one for you mamas who are too busy to spend hours in the kitchen early mornings.

💡 time saver tip: you can even prepare this one the night before.

Happy nourishing your family through wholefoods. Heal in the home using wholefoods. Xxx

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