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Wholefood goodness in one bowl

Salads have such a bad rap, but in all honesty it can actually be a full meal if you know how to put it together.

Ive never been one to turn to a salad to eat as i've always felt it wont fill me up. Hands down its what you create that makes it, and this salad really hits all the spot, i promise.

The longest part about this salad is the labne process the rest is super easy to do and can be made ahead of time. A great salad to take to a gathering, it was a go to for my home this summer along side some beautiful roasted chicken.

If your wondering what labne or labneh is, its basically a thick yoghurt cheese. A very popular staple in middle eastern families. I was introduced to it over 14 years ago when I met my now husband, who is Lebanese. So it's made from straining the yoghurt until you basically have removed all the liquid to create a Lebanese style cream cheese. It's a really great one to enjoy with everything from savoury breakfasts to chargrilled bbq meats and veg. Once made you can actually store into airtight containers for up to 2 weeks (if it lasts that long) we get through ours within a couple days. My mother in law makes a big batch, then balls them up about 1 tablespoon size and places into sterilised jars with olive oil, this will preserve them and keep well in your fridge.


To make your labne

1kg organic natural greek yoghurt (you can use goats milk yoghurt too)

1 tsp celtic salt


1.     Pour yoghurt and add salt into bowl and mix well

2.     Then place your yoghurt in a linen muslin towel fold over the yoghurt and place it over a large sieve then on-top of a bowl so the whey can strain out.

3.     Let it strain up to 48 hours

4.     Place labne in your desired salad bowl ready to make your roasted vegetables. Or store it all in airtight container until ready to use.

Roasted Vegetables

2 medium beetroots chopped

1 large sweet potato chopped

1/4 pumpkin chopped

2 large carrots chopped

celtic salt


lightly roasted pinenuts to serve

fresh mint and coriander to serve

EVOO for roasting vegetables and drizzling ontop to serve

·       you can add some zucchini too if you had any

Chop your vegetables all about 3-4cm sizes


1.     Preheat your oven 180 degrees

2.     Place all your chopped vegetables on a line baking tray, season with celtic salt bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until you have golden vegetables

3.     Allow to cool before placing them onto your labne. Dress it with sumac, evoo, pinenuts and fresh coriander and mint.


Marisa x x


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This salad is DELISH!

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