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Wellness is a complete integration of body, mind & spirit. The realisation that everything we think, do, feel & believe becomes our reality.

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thriving mama, nourishing wholefoods, cooking workshops to support mothers


I’m Marisa Haidar, I help busy overwhelmed mamas with growing bubbas to put together easy, nutritious and delicious wholesome foods to nourish, replenish and heal their thriving families. 

I do this by supporting you with 1:1 holistic health coaching to transform the lives of families in the kitchen by curating medicinal recipes & wholefoods cooking classes for mamas and bubbas.

You might be thinking, what is wholesome food or wholesome meals? 

As a holistic health coach and reiki healer, I empower busy mamas to thrive with wholefoods and natural health solutions. From preconception to postpartum, I provide personalised coaching, healthy wholefood cooking workshops and nourishing recipes to support your family's wellness journey. 

With over 14 years experience in hospitality as well as working in my hubby’s restaurant for more than 10 years, I understand the ins and outs of the food industry. What has inspired me to cook wholesome meals is witnessing more and more families becoming sick from consuming pesticides, preservatives and processed foods without comprehending the impacts that these chemicals have on our health especially for mamas and bubbas. This has also led me to cook organically through whole foods that are nutrient rich for the past 6 years so me and my bubbas can flourish and blossom with vitality and in good health.

Being raised by Italian parents on the farm of South Australia, I’ve received a real education on how our food is being produced without any tampering and use of inorganic matter such as herbicides and pesticides through sustainable farming practices. Witnessing a seedling brought to life in the form of ripe fruits, salads and vegetables, harvested onto our dining table to eat together as a family has been tradition to bring our relatives and friends together to join us in delight of where real food comes from. Organic, full of flavour, packed with high dense nutrition and poured with love. Just the way good food should be!

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” Mother Theresa

If you’re ready to empower your family by transforming your mind, body and soul in the kitchen, please fill in your contact details and your enquiries in the form below. 

Remember, life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.


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Thank you so much for creating your recipe ebook. My soul yearns to be a homemaker with nourishing foods in my kitchen.


The fish curry was amazing and I will be recreating it again tonight using chicken. Amazing recipes that will be used regularly for my family.


We have made lots out of your ebook. I am feeling so inspired and totally nourished, thank you so much.


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